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November 2024

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Take a trip back in time with LJ Edwards' coach trip to the historic Bletchley Park. It's the birthplace of modern computing and played a vital role during World War II.


On this tip, you'll step into the shoes of the hardworking codebreakers of the 1940s. The park is a fantastic blend of history and technology.


Delve into the secrets of this historic site. Explore the iconic Codebreaking Huts and Clocks, once the epicentre of covert operations, now open for visitors to unravel their mysteries.


Make the most of your visit to Bletchley Park with multimedia guides included in admission. These user-friendly iPod Touch guides provide an informative and enjoyable tour of the Home of the Codebreakers.


Choose between an Adult Tour with historian Jonathan Foylen or the Family Tour guided by a Wren character. The Family Tour offers engaging Codebreaker challenges like anagrams and puzzles, ideal for young minds!


Don't miss this rare opportunity to experience a unique slice of WWII history. Book your coach trip to Bletchley Park today and make lasting memories!


What does this coach trip include?

  • Return coach travel from your pick-up point

  • Entrance to Bletchley Park with a multimedia guide



Adult £51.00

Child £45.00


Please Note

This does not include The National Museum of Computing visit.



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