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Terms & Conditions - Trips & Short Breaks

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Our Fair Trading Charter

If you cancel your booking

It is strongly recommended that you purchase travel insurance that includes cancellation cover in the event that you have to cancel your booking. You or any member of your party may cancel your day trip or short break at any time provided that the lead person on the booking notifies our office in writing of the cancellation.

You must pay cancellation charges in accordance with the charges stated below for our short breaks. Your cancellation will take effect from the date on which we receive your written confirmation of your cancellation. Please note that a reduction in room occupancy may increase the charges for the remaining passengers by the application of supplements for low occupancy of rooms.

Prior to the stated balance due date, the cancellation charge is only the deposit; any cancellations after the balance has been paid will be subject to 100% cancellation charges.

Short break cancellation charges will be levied as follows:

  • 57 days or more before travel.........deposit only
  • 43 - 56 days before travel...............50%
  • 29 - 42 days before travel...............75%
  • 15 - 28 days before travel...............90%
  • 14 days or less................................100%

Day trip cancellation charges

Once you have cancelled your booking, we will release the seats. Refunds or transfers can only be made if we are able to resell your booking and will be subject to an administration fee.

Cutting your holiday short

If you are forced to return home early, we cannot refund the cost of any services you have not used. 

If you cut your holiday short and return home early in circumstances where you have no reasonable cause for complaint about the standard of accommodation and services provided, we will not offer you any refund for the part of your holiday not used or be liable for any associated costs you may incur. If you have taken out travel insurance, depending on the circumstances, your insurance may offer cover for curtailment, and we suggest that any claim be made directly with them.

Single occupancy

When rooms are available for single occupancy, there may be a supplementary charge; this will be shown in the brochure or advised at the time of booking. If you are charged a Single Room Supplement (SRS) it does not mean that your single room is of better quality or larger in size than any other single room.

Coach seating

Requests for particular seats can be made at the time of booking on most day trips and short breaks. Seat allocations are made on a first-come, first-served basis; therefore, you are advised to book early. We advise clients of the available seats when booking. 

It is possible for operational reasons that we will require a coach with a different configuration or in the case of trips with low passenger numbers, allocate a different size coach. We, therefore, reserve the right to alter a coach seating plan and allocate seats other than those you have booked. We cannot guarantee your seats to remain the same as stated on your initial invoice. However, we will endeavour to keep you in the same seat position on the coach.

It may occasionally be necessary for us to reallocate seat numbers for passengers travelling singly.

Breakdowns or delay

The company gives its advice on journey times in good faith, but does not guarantee the completion of any journey at a specific time and will not be liable for loss or inconvenience caused by breakdown or other delays (e.g. traffic or weather conditions). 

We cannot be held responsible for any delays in your journey where other suppliers are operating that particular part of the journey (e.g. shuttle/ferry). However, we will of course try and make good any time lost. 

In the event of a delay, you will be responsible for your own meals and accommodation (see “Insurance & Health cover” below).

We reserve the right in our absolute discretion to vary routes and carriers (e.g.shuttle/ferry), as we deem necessary.

Any loss arising on account of cancellation of a coach trip or delay in reaching a destination, Ready Tours shall not be liable for such losses or additional expense, or consequential loss suffered by a client. Refunds for a cancelled trip shall not exceed the amount paid to us by the client for the ticket.

Insurance & health cover

Although it is not a requirement for a UK short break, it is strongly recommended that you have insurance. For continental short breaks, it is imperative that you have insurance cover. Insurance is widely available through authorised and regulated insurance providers. 

The UK Global Health Insurance Card (GHIC) lets you get state healthcare in Europe at a reduced cost or sometimes for free. It’s free to apply for a GHIC. You can apply for a GHIC on the NHS website. 


Day trips

Full payment is required at the time of booking.

Short breaks

A deposit payment is required at the time of booking and the balance payments for short breaks should be made no less than 56 days before the date of travel. Balance payments are payable to Ready Tours. We do not accept cheques.  

The advertised Fred. Olsen cruises are operated by Greatdays Holidays Ltd ABTA Y0380 and for whom L.J. Edwards is an authorised agent, Greatdays Holidays Terms & Conditions apply. You can view Fred. Olsen Terms and Conditions in our office and enclosed with all Fred. Olsen bookings. Deposits are non-refundable and non-transferable. 

Special requests

All special needs and requests, if agreed upon, should be requested at the time of booking and be included in the confirmation of the holiday. We are happy to advise and assist you in choosing a suitable holiday, but, as some of the accommodations and resorts featured may not cater for even minor disabilities, it is important that, when booking, you advise us of any disability, specific need, or complex need you may have and any special requirements that will make sure the holiday is suitable.

Before booking your holiday, you should be sure that you and your party are both physically and mentally capable of completing the itinerary.

Passengers with disabilities

We will accept lightweight wheelchairs for travel, subject to them being able to be folded and stowed away in the luggage hold of the coach. We must be advised at the time of booking that a folding wheelchair is being taken on the trip. If you do not tell us you are taking additional items we may not be able to accommodate them. 

There is very limited space on the coach for electric wheelchairs/mobility scooters, please inform us at the time of booking and we will advise you if we/your chosen hotel are able to accommodate your powered wheelchair/scooter. Our coaches do NOT have any special fittings or lifts, therefore, we do ask that you are able to board and disembark our coaches safely and unaided. For your information, our drivers are not insured to physically assist passengers on and off any of our vehicles – this includes any size vehicle that is used for our trips and feeder service. Any assistance offered by the driver and accepted by you is at your own risk.

Some attractions, trips and short breaks may not be suitable for disabled visitors or people with walking difficulties. 

Clients who use nebulisers can take a small handheld (or personal) oxygen cylinder on the coach but for those who need large oxygen cylinders, you must arrange for them to be sent directly to the hotel. We cannot carry large cylinders in the lockers/ luggage areas for UK or European Tours.

If a passenger requires personal assistance (for example, assistance with feeding, dressing, toileting or mobilising) then this passenger must travel with an able-bodied companion or carer, and written confirmation that such assistance will be provided for the entirety of the holiday is required at the time of booking. Coach drivers and couriers are unable to provide such assistance. 

All guests on a Warner short break must follow the Warner Terms and Conditions regarding electric scooters and wheelchairs: 

Warner welcomes guests who are Blue Badge holders to bring their mobility scooters to our hotels and villages to use during their stay. To keep all our guests safe, the guest must be booked into a ground-floor room, and the vehicle must be stored inside their room. Please note that if the vehicle is over 70cm wide, it will be necessary to book a “Wheelchair Accessible Room”. Only 4mph pavement vehicles are permitted within our buildings, and the owner must hold Public Liability Scooter Insurance. They will also need to bring their Blue Badge with them, as unfortunately, due to space limitations, we cannot allow anyone without a Blue Badge to bring a scooter inside the hotel. The individual is responsible for ensuring they are capable of safely operating their mobility scooter and for the security of their scooter during their holiday. Warner accepts no liability for any accident, loss, or damage to the guest or their mobility scooter, except to the extent that such loss or damage arises from our negligence or the negligence of our employees, agents, or sub-contractors.

If you change your booking 

If you are prevented from travelling for any reason, you can transfer your booking to another person as long as we are given adequate notice (2 days' notice for a day trips, 14 days' notice for a short breaks). No charge is made for this service.

Force Majeure

Unless it says otherwise in these booking terms and conditions, we will not be liable or pay you compensation if our contractual obligations to you are affected by any event that we or the supplier of the service in question could not, even with all due care, foresee or avoid. These events can include, but are not limited to, war, the threat of such activity, riots, the action of any government or other national or local authority, including port or river authorities, industrial disputes, lock closures, natural or nuclear disasters, fire, chemical or biological disasters, adverse weather conditions, sea and river conditions, and all similar events outside our control or the control of the supplier concerned. Advice from the Foreign Office to avoid or leave a particular country may constitute Force Majeure. 

Passport, visa & customs requirements

It is your responsibility to ensure you have a valid 10-year passport and meet any visa requirements that pertain to your journey. The Carriers Liability Act means we are not allowed to carry anyone who does not have the necessary documentation. Please make sure a label with your name is attached to any bags or trolleys used for your shopping. Tobacco, etc. should only be purchased for your own use. If a person is found to be carrying more than the customs allowance, they risk having goods confiscated and being refused return travel. The return will be at the expense and arrangement of the aforementioned person. Future bookings will be refused.


There may be instances where increases in charges are dictated by means beyond our control (e.g. government taxes). We shall endeavour to absorb these increases but reserve the right to pass them on to you no later than 6 weeks prior to travel. At this point, you will have the option to cancel and receive a full refund.

Our responsibility to you 

Short breaks

We undertake to provide all services as described in our brochure. Should any of these not be provided as stated and you are not satisfied with the alternatives provided, please write to us stating your case within 28 days of the last day of your trip.

Customer satisfaction

We would like you to have the best time possible. If you have any questions or requests before your trip, please do not hesitate to call the company's office. While you are away, your driver or courier will be able to deal with any concerns.

Passengers’ property

Unless the company has agreed otherwise, the driver can decide how to carry and store the luggage of passengers. The company will not accept liability for any damage or loss of any property that belongs to any passenger and is left in a vehicle. All lost property found in a vehicle will be kept at our office, and the owner may be subject to a fee to recover items. 

Fireworks, explosive materials, or combustible petroleum fuels must not be carried under any circumstances. Anyone found to have such items will be refused carriage.

Conduct of Passengers

It is illegal to smoke in any company vehicles, and the consumption of alcohol is not permitted while on board. Drunken behaviour is deemed unreasonable conduct. All passengers must treat the driver and other passengers with respect and consideration. 

The driver is responsible for the safety of the vehicle. Any passengers whose conduct is in breach of statutory regulations may be removed on the driver’s authority, and any such person will be held responsible for any damage caused to the vehicle or any costs incurred due to extra cleaning requirements deemed necessary, caused by unreasonable conduct. Unreasonable conduct will result in future bookings being refused.


No bill, poster, sign, or notice is to be displayed on any vehicle without the written consent of the company.


The consumption of hot food or alcohol is not permitted on board. Small packed lunches and small items of confectionery (such as sweets and chocolate) may be consumed in the vehicle, provided they do not have a strong odour.

Weight restrictions for shopping trips

3 cases of beer or wine per person are the limit on shopping trips unless otherwise stated by the driver. Amounts over this limit may have to be left behind if this causes overloading.

English Law

Orders are only accepted in accordance with these terms and conditions, and in as much as the law of England shall apply to the contract arising from such an order and to the determination of the rights and liabilities of the respective parties, no action or other proceedings shall be brought by either party in relation to such a contract except in a court of Competent Jurisdiction in England.

Variations to terms & conditions

These will only be valid if made in writing before the date of departure by a proper officer of the company. No employee, agent, servant, or representative of this company has any authority to waive or change these terms and conditions, and any written or verbal representation made in this way will not be valid.

GDPR Statement

We take data protection very seriously, and we are committed to protecting your personal information. Some of your personal information is required when you request a copy of our brochure or book a day trip or short break with us. Personal information is anything that enables you to be identified or identifiable, e.g. your name, postal address, email address, and telephone number. You have given us permission to use your personal information to get in touch with you about your bookings in the future. We will not share your data with any other businesses unless it is directly linked to the booking you have placed with us, e.g., hotels, ferry companies, Eurotunnel, or attractions, and it is necessary for them to have details of who will be using their services.

If at any point you wish to see a copy of the data we hold on you, details of how we use and store your data, or receive further details regarding your rights, you can request this from us via phone or e-mail. 

Should you wish to make a booking but do not want to receive marketing information in the future, any information you give will only be used in the completion and undertaking of any current or future bookings. You have the right to withdraw your consent at any time. If you would like any of the information we hold about you to be permanently removed from our records, please advise us accordingly in writing.


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