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September 2024

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Coach Trip to RAF Museum in Hendon, London from only £30.00pp


Experience a journey through aviation history with our coach trip to the RAF Museum in London.


Explore over 100 historic aircraft, delve into the stories of the first 100 years of the RAF, and discover the technological advancements that keep the RAF at the forfront of air and space power. The Royal Air Force Museum is not just a museum, it's an immersive journey through time.


Hangar 1: RAF – First to the Future

Explore the stories of the people, equipment, partnerships and innovations that keep the RAF at the leading edge of Air and Space Power.


Hangar 2: The First World War in the Air 1914–1918

The story unfolds from the earliest days of flight here on the site of The London Aerodrome, through four years of World War to the formation of the Royal Air Force in 191


Hangars 3, 4 and 5: War in the Air 1918–1980

On 1 April 2018, the Royal Air Force marked its 100th anniversary. In a relatively short lifespan it has become woven into the history of the UK and the world. Discover the aircraft and stories of the Battle of Britain alongside extraordinary bombers, seaplanes, trainers and helicopters.


Hangar 6: The RAF in an Age of Uncertainty

Recent decades have seen huge and rapid political, economic and technological change. Hear from RAF personnel who have served during this period of change and see how the RAF has adapted its strategy and technology to protect the UK 24/7.


What's included?

  • Choice of convenient pick-up points

  • Executive coach travel

  • Approximately 4.5 hours of free time at the RAF Museum


Trip Itinerary*

  • Arrive at RAF Museum, London 12:15pm

  • Depart RAF Museum, London 5:00pm


Is RAF museum Hendon part of the imperial war museum?

Yes, the RAF Museum in London is a part of the larger Imperial War Museum network. It was first opened in 1972 and its collection has since grown to over 1.3 million items, making it the largest aviation museum in the United Kingdom. The museum focuses on the history of aviation and the Royal Air Force, showcasing a variety of aircrafts and exhibitions.


What planes are at the RAF Museum Hendon?

The RAF Museum in London has an impressive collection of over 100 aircraft, showcasing the history and evolution of aviation. From iconic World War I planes like the Sopwith Camel and the SE5a, to modern fighter jets like the Harrier and Tornado. You will also be able to see famous historic aircraft such as the Spitfire and Lancaster Bomber, as well as more unique planes like the Vickers Vimy and Avro Vulcan. With so many incredible aircraft on display, your coach trip to the RAF Museum will surely be a memorable and educational experience for anyone interested in aviation.


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